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Book content warnings

Young Adult Books

While my YA books are works of fantasy fiction, they are grounded in many aspects of our world and address concerns about our reality. Though they cover some serious topics, my hope is that they will ultimately be a fun and enjoyable read. To enable that, I want to give a brief summary of things in the books that might be emotionally draining or difficult to engage with, depending on your own lived experience.


There are certainly topics I am affected by, some of which have been unpacked in my writing, so if any resonate with you I send my love and best wishes. Be gentle with yourself, and please take care of yourself – whether that involves talking to a loved one, a trusted adult, a doctor or referring to another resource – and know that you are not alone.

The cover of Girl, Goddess, Queen


  • This book contains discussions and references to rape culture and sexual assault. There are no graphic scenes of this content.

  • A character navigates war-related trauma and suffers undiagnosed PTSD.

  • A character experiences emotionally manipulative, coercive and abusive parental relationships. There is no physical abuse.

  • References are made to physical harm and injury. There are no graphic or explicit scenes of this content.



Book 2 is currently in edits. Content warnings will be confirmed once the text is final. 

Adult Fiction

My adult fiction deals with darker themes in a more explicit and prominent way than my Young Adult books. I'm interested in exploring complex and at times twisted sides of humanity, though I hope these themes are examined in stories that are absorbing, immersive and, at times, satirical and irreverent.


Some topics might be personally impacting and as I would like readers to feel comfortable engaging with my books, I've listed these below. 


THEN THINGS WENT DARK holding cover, cover coming soon

Please note: some of the below topics are plot relevant. The content warnings are here for anyone who needs them, but please be aware that reading them may be construed as 'spoilers'.

  • This book concerns an abusive relationship. It is emotionally coercive, controlling and carries the threat of physical violence

  • There is alcohol abuse in this book

  • There is drug abuse in this book

  • A main character death occurs

  • There are brief mentions of suicide

  • There is discussion of stalking and abuse

  • On the page violence occurs

  • There is blood, injury and descriptions of a corpse

  • Characters navigate mental health illness including anxiety and depression

  • There are discussions and accusations of child abuse and paedophilia 

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