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Love caused this war.

At least, that’s what the stories will say.


When Cassandra’s patron god, Apollo, offers her the gift of prophecy – and all the power that comes with it – she seizes the opportunity.

But when she fails to uphold her end of the agreement, she discovers just how very far she has to fall. No one believes her visions. Which all seem to be of one girl – and she’s going to start a war.

Helen fled Sparta in pursuit of love – though that’s proving more elusive than she’d hoped. Far from home, Helen’s navigating all the politics and backstabbing of the Trojan court.

And one princess seems particularly intent on driving her from the city.

But when war finally strikes, it’s more than the army at their walls they must contend with. Cassandra and Helen might hold the key to reweaving fate itself – especially with the prophetic strands drawing them ever closer together.

But how do you change your future when the gods themselves are dictating your demise?

The hotly anticipated sapphic rivals to lovers reimagining of the Trojan War from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Girl, Goddess, Queen.

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"Thrumming with rivals-to-lovers friction and delicious slow-burn pining, The End Crowns All is a vibrant and romantic sapphic reimagining of the fall of Troy"
Laura Steven
bestselling author of The Society of Soulless Girls


Blackwell's offer free worldwide delivery. If you're looking to order from the US or another country where I do not have a publisher, Blackwell's is your best option!


Rights for The End Crowns All have also sold in German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese. Links will be updated when I have them to share!

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