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“Fitzgerald's debut Girl, Goddess, Queen marked her as a YA author to watch and her second book [The End Crowns All] is even better, putting two fierce, uncompromising heroines - and their delicious love lives - centre stage. This is Greek mythology brilliantly reimagined”

The Telegraph

“[Girl, Goddess, Queen] reads like a breath of fresh air . . . a witty and touching story, with a heroine whose combination of idealism and misadventure will endear her to any reader.


If you are a reader of fantasy, mythology, and romance – the gods are on your side because your three favourite genres have collided . . . [Girl, Goddess, Queen] is a YA feminist romance that is funny, easy to read and vibrant.


“One of the most entertaining reimaginings in an ever growing list of them. Readers were expecting wonderful things from Bea Fitzgerald’s debut, and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.”

You Magazine

“One of my favourite reads of 2023 so far, this debut novel from Bea Fitzgerald breathes fresh life into the oversaturated romcom genre... 496 pages worth of brilliant banter and page-turning chemistry that you’ll easily devour on a weekend.”
“It feels so fresh. It's such easy reading and the banter is on point . . . spectacular.”


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